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Plastic Materials

Plastic materials are polymers that soften when heated and turn rigid, or solidify, when cooled. Today, plastic material is used in nearly every market, as it is ideal for producing low to high volumes of the same component.

Plastic injection molding services from Phillips-Medisize can give you low-cost solutions and a wide variety of processing options. 

Properties of Plastics

A relatively low-cost material, thermoplastics polymers offer low- to high-volume manufacturing ease. Combine plastic materials and plastic injection molding, and you also get these benefits, to name a few: 

  • Complex geometries
  • Low cycle times
  • Design flexibility
  • Repeatable tolerances
  • Ability to process a wide variety of materials
  • Little to no part finishing


From concept to commercialization, your plastic injection molding program is in expert hands with Phillips-Medisize. You’ll find we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your program objectives on time and within your budget.


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