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Defense Capabilities

Defense Design 

Advancements in technology and design give our U.S. military the competitive edge. Because U.S. combat soldiers typically carry more than 80 pounds of equipment with them, they have to be sure that the items will work properly when needed, are durable enough to withstand harsh conditions, and are designed with safety and efficiency in mind.  

The best design for defense  

At Phillips-Medisize, we design and deliver innovative solutions for the defense market by producing components and turnkey solutions that meet ergonomic and environmental requirements in the field. We provide defense product design and prototyping services using a wide range of materials and methods to meet the strictest requirements for performance, durability and weight. 

Defense Development

Your defense project will be overseen by a dedicated team of cross-functional experts who thoroughly analyze and optimize program parameters. 

Program managers oversee the entire development process and provide supply chain management. At the same time, we ensure full traceability, documentation and serialization. Our capabilities and dedication combine to help us innovate while achieving high-performance solutions that meet all military standards. 

Defense Manufacturing

At Phillips-Medisize, our streamlined product development and manufacturing processes help you achieve your budget and timeline without sacrificing quality. 

In addition, our blend of secondary operations, including painting, laser etching, EMI/RFI shielding, plating and a blend of proprietary and non-proprietary coatings, can help you successfully camouflage, protect valuable electronic transmissions and prevent harmful corrosion of metals. 

Program Management 

Phillips-Medisize has a proven history of handling customers’ defense programs with the dedication, pace, quality and MIL-STDs that meet their needs. With more than four decades of experience in military manufacturing program management, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your product is developed quickly, efficiently, and profitably:

  • Seamless flow-through from concept to production
  • Coordination and support of programs that may involve multiple tools, technologies and facilities
  • Efficient internal and external communication with the highest level of confidentiality
  • Primary customer contact for overall program specifics
  • Global, customer-oriented perspective
  • Cross-functional teams including customers, designers, engineers, manufacturing and suppliers


Defense Applications 

Phillips-Medisize provides defense design, engineering and development for a wide range of military products and components:

  • Battery packs and rechargers
  • Chemical detection units
  • Combat aircraft components
  • Electronic systems
  • Soldier communication and video systems
  • Military computers 



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