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Drug Delivery and Pharma Packaging

Drug Delivery Devices and Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging

Your project success, and your ability to control the many variables in product development, depends upon your ability to select the right manufacturing partner, with the right mix of development support, commercial manufacturing service offerings, and packaging expertise to help guide your project. 

Phillips-Medisize is a global, single supplier with 1.7 million square feet of medical manufacturing space with offerings from manual to fully automated packaging capabilities. Our dedicated specialists demonstrate unabridged knowledge of the complexities of product development, and offer a full range of product development services through commercialization with a constant focus on quality.

On your behalf, we are committed to helping you bring your product into the marketplace—on time, and on budget. This is why Pharmaceutical OEMs worldwide save money and time partnering with Phillips-Medisize. As your drug delivery device or primary pharmaceutical manufacturing source for full, one-stop service from concept to commercialization, you also benefit from low- to high-volume assembly capabilities. 

Phillips-Medisize has produced hundreds of millions of drug delivery systems and primary pharmaceutical packaging. This knowledge, in conjunction with a complete range of services, makes Phillips-Medisize the perfect partner for leading pharmaceutical OEMs.

Case Study: Drug Packaging: Key to Product Innovation

To provide an enhanced version of the Twinject device, Verus Pharmaceutical chose combination products and drug packaging experts, Phillips-Medisize, as its manufacturing partner. For the program, Phillips-Medisize leveraged its high-speed packaging equipment, specialized materials handling stations, and automated labeling and inspection systems. Read more


We fulfill the objective for the Pharmaceutical industry with: 

    • High level of documentation and registration (certificates, raw material regulations)
    • GMP compliance processes
    • Anticipating regulatory trends and regulatory affairs support
    • FDA and world-wide registrations
    • Design and development, injection molding, injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding
    • High-, mid-, low-volme manufacturing capabilities
    • Extensive in-house tool making
    • State-of-the-art metrology
    • Sterilization expertise
    • For Primary Pharma Packaging: Phillips-Medisize maintains a DMF Type III at the US FDA. Regulatory support documentation like USP 31 is available upon request
    • For Drug Delivery Devices: Phillips-Medisize accelerates your drug delivery device from concept to mass production



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